Mint is Top of the Radio Pops

Posted in News by Tim Morgan

I think you will find that the best things in life have the word 'pop' associated with them.

Five examples:

  1. Top of the Pops – the best TV music show ever;
  2. Pop Tarts – a great breakfast although allegedly dangerous to eat fresh out the toaster (hmm doesn’t this apply to ANY food that’s really hot? Wait for it to cool, problem solved!);
  3. Cheggars plays Pop – as a child I went to the live show in Swansea;
  4. Pop – e.g. cherryade;
  5. The Body Pop – one of the most entertaining dances there is.

And so it is with Mint’s latest project to go live, BBC’s Radio Pop. You can listen to BBC radio through the site. When you hear something you like, you 'pop' it (radio-talk for bookmark). The Radio Pop site is all about displaying this data in clever ways: what you like, what your friends like, what you should be listening to, what everyone is listening to. It’s a social radio experience and it absolutely rocks.

Better still, the code will be made open source allowing other developers to get involved. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The code is solid, scalable and handling everything being thrown at it.

And the BBC developers are pretty excited about it too.

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