Don't just watch it, Join In!

Posted in News by Andy Bell

What an amazing few days we have seen at the Olympics. Team GB have done us proud.

What more can be said?

Well, perhaps you start getting that guilty, too-much-sofa feeling. After all, the best part of sport is getting trainers on your feet, air in your lungs and endorphins in your noggin.

Working with a new charity, Join In, Mint built a site that make it easier to do just that, to get involved. Focused on the weekend after the Olympics, it is a celebration of local sport. And you are invited!

To date, over 5000 clubs have signed up.

If you - or your kids - want to take part, browse events in your area.

If you run a club, you can add an event. It's your chance to benefit from the national wave of sporting enthusiasm.

Each gold medallist started out at a local club. So, whether you're inspired by Jessica Ennis (from Sheffield), the next Ben Ainslie (Falmouth) or the next Greg Rutherford (Milton Keynes)... here's your chance to take it back to where it started.

And, if that hasn't convinced you, here's Eddie Izzard:

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