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We are fascinated with data and what you can do with it.

We are fascinated with '2Screen'. People using a second device to augment TV is increasingly common.

We are fascinated with the real-time web. Information delivered to you, as it happens, opens a world of possibilities. 

We have combined these passions before. Picklive Football, our two screen, real-time game, has been spun out as a separate start-up.

Lately, there's something else we've been fascinated with. It's the iPad. It's one of the most exciting canvases us digital folk have ever had a chance to build stuff on.

Picklive captures a whole load of data during every football match they cover. For the World Cup, they'll be covering every single match. We always thought there were other things to do with this data. The World Cup and the iPad turned out to be the catalysts we needed to put things into gear, and we think we may be onto something quite special...

The Visualiser

A few weeks ago, Andre and I put together a concept: a World Cup data visualisation app for the iPad. 

It combines the football data from Picklive with fun and intuitive analysis tools. For example, it allows you to compare cumulatively, or per match, all footballers in the World Cup across a variety of stats like goals, shoots on target, tackles and more.

(click images for large versions)

World Cup Visualiser - Cumulative Performance Comparison World Cup Visualiser - Detailed Comparison World Cup Visualiser - Detailed Comparison with Card

But this data is being captured in real-time. So, we can do something pretty cool: Visualise football matches as they happen with a unique interface that maps possession and how active players on the pitch are.

World Cup Visualiser - Live Match World Cup Visualiser - Live Match World Cup Visualiser - Live Match

We showed this concept to a few friends. They seemed as excited about it as we were. So, we decided to make this thing for real. There's not much time until the World Cup though. Initially we'll be concentrating on building an awesome real-time, second screen visualiser. We'll come back to the analysis tools at a later stage.

We thought it'd be a fun experiment to blog our way through this. Our main expertise lies in building web applications. This is new ground. Hopefully, we'll solve some interesting problems along the way, and there may be value in sharing that hard-won experience.

Wish us luck!


  1. Profile image?screen name=thetimmorgan

    Tim Morgan

    07 May, 2010

    Luck? You guys dont need luck with what you got cooking. Nice work chaps

  2. Default avatar

    Kai Chan Vong

    20 May, 2010

    Wow. Love this so much... I have gotta say, was Baggio ever at Benfica?

    =) Great stuff, look forward to playing about with it.

  3. Default avatar

    Dave King

    10 June, 2010

    Very keen to see this.. You guys gonna make it? Hope so!

  4. Profile image?screen name= mql

    Michael Aufreiter

    14 June, 2010

    Very interesting stuff! :) I'm just wondering where you'd pull the real-time data from? Any idea where I could find a free API that provides live FIFA worldcup data?

    Thanks, Michael

  5. Default avatar


    17 June, 2010

    LivePitch is now in the app store! Just downloaded it and ran the demo. Looks pretty cool. Are all of the visualization elements in place for the live matches? All of the comparison mockups above look great, but I don't see how to make them active in the demo. Thanks!

  6. Profile image?screen name=bellomatic

    Andy Bell

    18 June, 2010

    @Chad We weren't able to implement all the features in the blog post, as we had a short schedule and lots of client work. Given the great response, we hope to be able to take this app further in coming months. More info at:

    @Michael The data is from our friends at It isn't generally available for now, but that may change.

  7. Default avatar

    rehan haque

    18 June, 2010

    I was really looking for an app like this since I saw the F1 app, which is fantastic but F1 wasnt my sport. It was only by chance I stumbled accross this blog after I found nothing on the app store, and now having downloaded livepitch, its great! got to say well done guys, and i'm going to be following closely where this goes from here. I dont know technically whats involved in getting it working in terms of all the data thats there, obviously the worldcup is the perfect platform to kick start it, only 1 game at a time. What I would in the future love to see are premiership games, and would certanly pay for an app that achieves that. I've only tried 1 match so far & some of my thoughts... I love the colour scheme, presentation is spot on, I would perhaps like to see colours matching team strips. Player icons , some were small and some where large, I wasnt sure why. was this to do with possesion? a couple of players were too small to read at all. Maybe in future, player bios/photos could be integrated so it would also act as a kind of a knowledge base and not just real time analysis. The live player actions, such as Pass, interception etc, looks cool but I dont think in reality is of use. Its a few seconds behind my tv stream (which is understandable) & I couldnt see an actual need for that data ( dont want to oversaturate with information). Major incidents such as Bookings, goals, Free kicks I can understand. when you switch to stat mode, the player teams sometimes dont scroll and get stuck. this lasts for a few seconds before the app catches up again. another future inclusion Id love to see is real time match incident updates as text ( such as on the bbc site where you can follow a match without having access to tv/radio). that would be an icing on the cake.

    great stuff and I wish you the best of luck. thanks


  8. Profile image?screen name=utku

    Utku Can

    20 June, 2010

    @rehan Thank you very much for your feedback and enthusiasm.

    Re: the player icons, they change in size according to how well that player on the pitch is doing. So score lots of goals, the player is big - get lots of fouls and a yellow card, the player is tiny. You are right however, that they do sometimes get illegible and this is something we are trying to work out how best to present going forward.

    I'll be sure to take your feedback on and thanks once again for your interest in LivePitch, really glad to hear it's filled a niche for you.



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