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We've been asked to join forces with some clever people to create the Landshare website.

The clever people (and companies) are:

  • Hugh Fernley Whittingstall
  • Keo Productions
  • Channel 4
  • Adrian Hon, from Six to Start
  • Mint Digital

With this team, we can't lose. In the words of Adam Gee, Channel 4 Commissioner, Landshare:

"...links people who want to grow their own fruit & veg (but can’t get an allotment) with people who have bits of land they can grow it on."

It's great to be a part of Landshare. I'm certain it will have a big impact. At the moment, 60% of the food we consume in Britain comes from overseas (80% in London). If we utilise the space available, that number could fall to as low as 15%.

To help kick things off, The National Trust has promised to create up to 1,000 allotments. A host of news sources picked up on the story last week, including The Guardian, The Independent and the BBC.

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