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Foldable.Me launches

Posted in by Andy Bell on 02 October 2012

Our 3D cardboard avatar creation service Foldable.Me launches today. The video above is a lovely introduction to Foldable, so to maximise the chance that you click on it, I won't write another word.

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    Andy Bell

    21 October, 2012

    Here's some reaction to Foldable.Me

    CNET - Create a 3D cardboard avatar mini-me for 12 bucks

    The Next Web - launches to make cute, cardboard versions of you and your friends

    Wired - Make Yourself Four Inches Tall with Foldable.Me

    Fast Co.Design - Buy Yourself As An Adorable Paper Doll, For $12

    The Kernel - The Revolution will be crowdsourced

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