Hemlock goes Flash free!

Posted in Tech by Kejia Zhu

New Javascript Compatible XMPP Framework

We don't want to get involved in Steve Jobs' war on Flash. But just in case he wins (and on current form, who'd bet against him?), we have re-engineered Hemlock, our open source framework for real-time web apps, to work in 100% Javascript environments.

This switch lets anyone build real-time web apps that work on the iPhone and iPad, and makes the framework significantly easier for web developers to dive into (a position popularised by Steve Jobs in favour of web standards).

Now you can easily create many-to-many applications without having to worry about compatibility issues or adhering to the whims of the App Store gatekeepers.

Here are the technical details and the first fruits of this labour: Picklive on a iPad, bringing you real-time fantasy football gaming in your palm or lap.

This is just the beginning and we look forward to seeing what the community creates with Hemlock.

What would you like to see built with it?


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    rob mathieson

    12 June, 2010

    Would love to see it rebuilt for .NET integration. We might even have to look into that! :)

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