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On Wednesday I shared an assortment of thoughts and insights gleaned from three days soaking up all Content Marketing World had to offer.

As that post was already getting pretty lengthy, I thought I'd save the bunch of resources I'd squirrelled away for a separate entry. So, here we have it - a content marketing cheat sheet of sorts. Seven tools I liked the look of at the CM World Expo; six live content marketing examples that stuck in my mind; and a handful of #cmworld tweets that I liked enough to save.


Some interesting content marketing tools worth a peek:

1. Uberflip - Nifty no-code content creation tools (their content “Hubs” are pretty nice).

2. Influitive - A tool that helps marketers build a community of advocates around their brand.

3. Little Bird - An influencer discovery engine.

4. Percolate - This service “helps brand create content at social scale”. I’m not quite sure how it works, but it looks pretty impressive!

5. Optimizely - Making A/B testing easy.

6. TrackMaven - Track what your competitors are doing, sneaky but cool.

7. Stipple - Add links to elements inside your Facebook pictures.

A few nice examples of content marketing at work:

1. Kixeye’s ridiculously great “The Interview”.

2. 6 Second Science - A nice mash-up of Vine, Twitter and Tumblr.

3. The Coco-cola polar bears watching the Superbowl.

4. Oreo's right-place right-time tweet at the Superbowl.

5. Toronto Silent Film Festival - A silent film Instagram 90 frames campaign

6. CISCO’s The Network Effect - A nice example of a YouTube series (with a smallish audience) that's managed to have a life of its own.

And here's a few of my favourited tweets from the event:

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