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  1. An image of the author: Tim Morgan

    Tube socks

    Posted in by Tim Morgan on 07 November 2014


    This week we launched Tube socks - socks the colour of the tube. Our socks are available in two styles, the white striped Peak sock and the full colour Off Peak. Both cost £7.99 a pair, including free delivery to anywhere in the world.

    If you know someone that uses or likes the tube that might want a pair this Christmas then move fast- we have a limited stock and so far there are no reported delays in sales on this line.

    Mind the gasp

    There are no reported delays in sales on this line.

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  2. An image of the author: Andy Bell

    Boomf Spins Out

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 15 July 2014


    Last month, Boomf moved from being a joint venture between Nice Cakes and Mint Digital to being an independent company. I'm becoming Boomf's CEO. Boomf’s other co-founder James Middleton, becomes Production Director, in charge of further innovation, as well as manufacturing and logistics.

    Also joining Boomf are Chara Oikonomidou and Iggy Hilton from Mint and Lara Woodhead and Inga Kaplon from Nice. A few people have asked: what made us want to dedicate ourselves to marshmallows?

    A gift is really a piece of communication. Seen in this light, it doesn't make sense that most gifts are mass-produced.

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  3. Wireframes for an early prototype

    At Mint Ventures, our aim is to build profitable businesses. So far we've launched Boomf, DeskBeers and The Bathory. Over the past few months, we've been running experiments and exploring different markets. These projects may succeed or fail, or they may change radically from their current form.

    Here are a few...

    These projects may succeed or fail, or they may change radically from their current form.

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  4. An image of the author: Shim Smilansky

    A quick catchup with new Mints

    Posted in by Shim Smilansky on 22 April 2014

    In the first four Months of 2014 we’ve welcomed seven new Mints to our office. I spent a few days catching up with them.

    Adam Pattison, Junior Accounts Assistant

    “I’ve just joined and I’ve been really loving it. I used to do removals so this has been really different for me. Mostly I’ve been working with Colin learning about how to handle the accounts, the ins and outs of VAT and stuff like that.”

    Andrea Jezovit, Product Strategist

    “I joined from Microsoft in January and I guess the biggest culture shock has been that it’s a very different environment. During my second week here we needed to organise some user testing for Boomf. Noam gave me a card and two days later we had people in, it was refreshing to be able to move so quickly. I’ve really enjoyed working on Studio projects like Ipsos MORI that involve a lot of user research and sketching. I’m looking forward to getting involved with Mint Ventures too."

    I’ve enjoyed the serendipity of things, seeing what works and letting the market lead our development

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  5. An image of the author: Laura Grace

    Introducing: The Bathory

    Posted in by Laura Grace on 14 April 2014


    We’re delighted to introduce The Bathory, for all your bespoke bathing needs...

    The Bathory is Mint’s latest venture in mass-personalisation, fresh from our “anarchy incubator”. It’s also something of a paradox:

    A digital product that encourages you to unplug. A cosmetics brand from a company better known for our decidedly digital ventures.

    The site helps you invent a customised bath soak, to fit your mood perfectly. Our dedicated factory is uniquely set up to hand-blend your inventions in bespoke batches of one.


    It has been a complex undertaking. As we quickly realised, the cosmetics industry just isn’t equipped to create products on demand - we needed to tackle manufacturing in a completely different way if we were going to offer customisation. After months of prototyping, wrestling with cosmetics legislation and testing hundreds of formulations, we’re really excited to see what people think.

    Here’s how it works:

    We like to think of it as “aromatherapy for people who are a bit dubious about aromatherapy”.

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