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Farewell from Foldable.Me

Posted in News by Tim Morgan


We sorry to announce that we’re shutting down FoldableMe. The final date for website orders will be August 31st 2015. We will not be taking any more orders after this date so if you want one last Foldable Hurrah then there’s still just enough time to create yours here.

We're very proud of what we've achieved with Foldable, an idea that came out of a hack day and then a trailblazing Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. However, as sales have slowed we felt the time was right to call it a day and focus our efforts on growing our other ventures at Mint Digital.

We're very grateful to all of our partners, suppliers, and everyone that's worked on the project, for making it consistently awesome over the past 3 years. But most of all we'd like to thank you, our customers. Your use of Foldable for weddings, conferences, team building, and even political protest has inspired us, amused us, made us go 'aw' and lifted us up many times throughout this tremendous journey.

If you're interested in other products at Mint or that started life at Mint then check out:

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Rapid Digital Product Development comes to Wales

Posted in News by Tim Morgan

4D2L Wales

I’m delighted to announce that this year our annual rapid digital product development event known as (‘4 Days 2 Launch’) will be coming to Wales (where it will be known as ‘Pedwar Diwrnod I Lansio’).

Since 2006 we have disappeared to the English countryside for a week (mostly Dorset, maybe Devon) and rapidly built digital products in teams. These events and the products we’ve built have helped us:

1. Come closer together as a company. It’s the only time our New York and London offices come together en masse;

2. Develop some of our best-known and most popular business ventures;

3. Experiment with new technologies and techniques.

So why Wales, specifically Swansea, this year?

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A disposable camera for your phone

Posted in News by Tim Morgan

WhiteAlbum Pics

On January 6th we wrote about WhiteAlbum, our disposable camera app for your phone.

One question we face when we launch a new product or service like this is “how do we know if it’s working?” That’s a tough question, I mean what does that even mean? But here I will try and answer it.

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Shoot now and forever hold your photos

Posted in News by Greg Beck

WhiteAlbum main image

The brand new year brings a brand new venture. One that provides keepsakes, preserves memories, and is generally pretty cool.

We built a simple camera app that prints the photos you take. But our app is a bit different than others in the category...

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Open Policy Making toolkit with the Cabinet Office

Posted in News by Tom Jarrett

Cabinet Office

We recently kicked off an exciting new project. It’s a discovery phase with the Open Policy Making team at the Cabinet Office. On their blog, they describe Open Policy Making as: “broadening the range of people we engage with, using the latest analytical techniques, and taking an agile, iterative approach to implementation.”

The brief for Mint: Create an Open Policy Making toolkit to help policymakers use the most up to date methods and tools.

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