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And then it went Boomf!

Posted in by Andy Bell on 29 November 2013


On Monday we attempted a quiet launch for Boomf, our new Instagram marshmallow business. It went round the world in a flash:

"Boomf's Marshmallows Give New Meaning to Instagramming Your Food" - ABC News

"It takes an unusual company to create such an unusual product, so it's no surprise Mint Digital is the brain behind this operation." - CNet

"They taste… exactly like marshmallows." The Next Web

"Bonus points for the first person to Instagram a picture of a marshmallow and print it on a Boomf marshmallow. Unless it unmakes existence as we know it." - TechCrunch

I like to think it started like this. "You know what's wrong with your Instagrams?" said the one. "Um, what?" said the other, her mind scanning the possibilities: poor filter choice, skewed shot-framings, overuse of the #nofilter tag. She was, honestly, a little bit offended.

She was also unprepared for the answer she got. "You can't eat them!" he replied.

Which is ... true. Instagrams, for all the things they are, are decidedly not one other thing: edible. And that's largely because Instagrams are not, strictly speaking, things. - The Atlantic

The prize for best headline from a foreign language publication goes to France's fantastically named L'Analytique de L'Aliment with The Edible Selfie.

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  1. Default avatar

    Amy Rogers

    29 November, 2013

    This rox :):):):);););):) I can't finally eat my friends

  2. Default avatar

    Andy Bell

    02 December, 2013

    @Amy @David haha - glad you like them ;-)

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