2Screen 2010

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On 14 October, London's Conway Hall was the setting for the return of 2Screen, our conference that explores the opportunities of TV and web working together.

We stuck to the tried-and-tested 2Screen plan: get a whole bunch of great people together, ply them with copious amounts of alcohol and invite speakers who are actually doing things in this space to give their point of view.

There's a heap of great content that came out of 2Screen.

Priyanka wrote about how what we're really talking about is attention, not screens.

Andy Cameron at Wieden + Kennedy summed it up with 'We're going to see more live TV with simultaneous back channel for conversation and gaming via online and mobile devices.'

James Whatley said 2Screen turned out to be one of his favourite events of recent years. Thanks James!

Charlotte Hillenbrand at Made by Many wrote a great account of the evening. She also thought the 'RTRTG' was "a stroke of theatrical genius"!

Inspired by 2Screen, Dan Biddle at BBC invented 'Quantum Television'.

Adam Charnock took a great bunch of photos for us again.

The best quotes from 2Screen are up on Quotabl.es.

All the #2Screen tweets from the evening are preserved. A great moment was when #2Screen was a trending topic in London.

If you didn't manage to make it down on the night, you're in luck. We recorded all the talks and they're now available to watch.

Here's Matt Locke talking about attention shapes.

Margaret Robertson telling us about games and screens.

Tim Morgan and myself comparing Picklive and LivePitch.

Finally, Kevin Slavin closing the evening with a talk that was the highlight of the evening for many.

We'd like to thank our speakers, our host Cathy Rogers, our venue Conway Hall and our caterers for the evening.

We'd like to thank our sponsors Monterosa and Quotabl.es.

We'd also like to thank all our attendees, who raised £2,540 for the Pakistan relief through the proceeds of ticket purchases.

And that's 2Screen 2010. Roll on '11.


  1. Profile image?screen name=farhan

    Farhan Rehman

    17 January, 2011

    Thanks for that great writeup ;) Been thoroughly enjoying going through all the vids, and posts.. Picked up some Intel research along the way, showing that almost half of all brits, use Social Media whilst watching TV (http://www.appmarket.tv/news/667-almost-half-of-all-british-using-social-media-while-watching-tv.html)

  2. Default avatar

    Andy Bell

    06 June, 2011

    Also, here's a write-up by Russell Davies in Campaign (behind paywall, free registration).

    I went to an unusually good event the other week - 2screen, organised by Mint Digital. It was a series of talks about the emerging practice of designing for second screens.

    It worked well because every speaker was an actual practitioner - they weren't just saying what they reckoned.


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