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  1. An image of the author: Utku Can

    Join the team

    Posted in by Utku Can on 22 December 2009

    team photo

    We are looking for a couple of outstanding individuals.

    HTML/CSS/JS developer who wants to learn Rails (London or New York)

    Football3s Marketing Intern (London)

    I know I'm talking our own book but Mint is a great place to work. Everyone gets involved in brainstorms. Every February, we head off to the WebApp Weekender. Our London office has a pub built-in called 'The Open Sauce'. We pretend we're squires.

    The details to apply are on the job listings. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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  2. An image of the author: Ron DeVera

    Cutting down on CSS sprites

    Posted in by Ron DeVera on 09 December 2009

    When making a web page load faster, one of the most commonly cited front-end techniques is minimizing the number of HTTP requests. In fact, it's Yahoo!'s number one rule. Each HTTP request is slow; making many requests is very  slow.

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  3. An image of the author: Andy Bell

    Bug sweepstake: win fumigation for life

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 04 December 2009

    Bug free

    Last Friday, the 20,000th bug was entered into our tracking database. As Christopher commented when we reached bug 10,000, this industrial-scale error generation is not cause for recrimination. Quite the reverse, it is time to celebrate.

    By that logic, it should be a double celebration: we've doubled our rate of bug creation. Mint's first 10,000 bugs took 26 months, the second 10,000 took under 14 months.

    To get this online party started we are holding a prize sweepstake. Guess the date Mint hits bug 30,000 to win (enter in the comments below).

    The prize is fumigation for life.

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  4. An image of the author: Andy Bell

    Nuggets from Kevin Slavin

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 20 November 2009

    Kevin Slavin, co-founder of Area/Code, spoke at the RSA's Playing The City event on Wednesday night.

    Area/Code's initial focus was creating games that use technology but take place in the real world, like PacManhattan. Some of their recent work has had a TV focus, like Parking Wars or Sopranos A&E Connection.

    Mint has gone in the opposite direction. We started in TV and, with Football3s, are moving closer to the real world. It felt like we are interested in the same things but from different perspectives.

    I can't do justice to his talk, but here are a couple of nuggets.

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  5. An image of the author: Andy Bell

    Mint is 5

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 19 November 2009

    Who would believe it? 5 years old and still in business.

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