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Occasional thoughts on product and process from the Mint team

We're hiring: Community Champion

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Football3s 3D logo

We are hiring someone to help us grow a community around our forthcoming game, Football3s. (This position has now been filled)

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From one Mint to another...

Posted in Reflections by Jenny Wong

Greek cast

I've recently discovered e-mint. It is a Yahoo! Group that discusses how to run online communities.

They are a friendly bunch, as shown by the warm welcome I received from Tamara Littleton of eModeration:

"We worked with a Mint Digital application on a very successful social network for ABC Family over at Disney [Virtual Rush], we love you guys :)

Not everyone puts as much care into the moderation tools. They're often an afterthought so it was good to work with people who thought about how moderators would use the tools."

It's reassuring to see that e-mint possesses the very features of online friendliness that it exists to promote.

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Wisdom in a book

Posted in Reflections by Noam Sohachevsky

Wisdom Book

Mint is working on a new project. It's about wisdom. I can't say much more than that right now.

Today, I stumbled across a new book. Wisdom. It is "inspired by the idea that wisdom is the greatest gift one generation can give to another."

Andrew Zuckerman, the author, says:

"My whole life I've looked up to older people. It just seemed logical to me that these are the people that have done it. They've got all the secrets. Why wouldn't you ask them?"

Thanks Andrew. You've created a wonderful piece of work. Mint is inspired.

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All aboard the Loveboat!

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Lunchtime Loveboat

At Doc/Fest on Saturday, Lunchtime Loveboat won the Crossover Labs pitching competition. This award is considered the America's Cup of interactivity.

Lunchtime Loveboat combines the flirty dating of a site like I'm in Like With You with the reality energy of a show like The Salon.

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FOWD New York

Posted in Design by Tom Harman

After learning that this year's New York Future of Web Design Conference would land on election day and be situated right next to Times Square, I expected a rather exciting and inspirational atmosphere.

My personal highlights were...

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