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Mass media, less lame

Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell

"It wasn’t that I was anti-popular culture or anything and I had no ambitions to stir things up. I just thought of mainstream culture as lame as hell and a big trick" says Bob Dylan in Confessions.

The web makes media less lame. Umair Haique explains theoretically why this should be and demonstrates that it will be a permanent effect: The New Economics of Media(long PowerPoint presentation). In short, the web increases the returns on investing in quality content and reduces the returns on marketing it.

John Battelle confirmed this theory anecdotally. Asked, "How do you market content in the new economy?" he replied "You can't (except for a little bit of AdWords), you've just got to make it as good as possible and hope it spreads."

(Link via: Paul Fisher)

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Nudo is site of the week

Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell


The Nudo site is New Media Age site of the week. Thanks!

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Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell

like Flickr for music, but better... absolutely brilliant

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Abercrombie & Fitch

Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell


A breathtaking website.

Strong use of photos. Lovely, slightly unusual, shopping basket.

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Mint has moved

Posted in News by Andy Bell

We've moved into a new office.


Address: N301 Westminster Business Square 1 Durham Street Vauxhall London, SE11 5JH

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