Jobs at Mint

Mint Perks

We hire super-talented people and give them pleasant working environments.

Birthday tab at bar, smoothie joint or other recreational establishment.

No office hours. Work when you want, where you want.

Pick your own equipment. (MacBook Air/Pro, big monitor etc.)

Conference / learning allowance

Each year we head to the hills for a week-long hackathon.

Regular social events and drinks. (All new Mints must eat hot pot.)

Pension scheme - because you can’t code or create for ever.

Well-stocked drinks fridge.

Healthcare scheme (US), Cycle2work scheme (UK).

Mid/senior level developer

About Mint

Mint turns ideas and insights into products people love.

We work with big brands, nonprofits, ambitious startups as well as for ourselves to drive growth and make products people love to use. The common thread is a shared belief in creating products that change something for the better: changing an inefficient business problem, disrupting an industry, even making Friday beers better.

We started out in 2004 and have been using Rails for almost as long.

What we do

Much of our work results in something for the web, but we also work on mobile applications and have even dabbled in hardware. We've been working with Rails for years and it is still our go-to tool for many projects, but we are also strong believers in using the best tool for the job. Recent projects have used: Rails, Sinatra, AngularJS, vue.js, meteor, golang, redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, mongoDB, WebSockets, JS, CoffeeScript, d3, Chef, Sidekiq, nginx, Ubuntu, git and more. Having said that we believe that a desire to keep learning is more important than the specific skills you have right now. Hopefully you have experience with some toolset, we're not fussy which one. We're more interested in what you've produced than the tools you used to produce it. We love building great software and are constantly reevaluating and improving our process.

How we do it

We prefer to work in small self-sufficient teams, in short sprints. Typically this could be 1-2 developers and a designer. We like to work closely with clients and have them involved throughout. Working software always trumps specs for us and as such we like to get the user something they can play with as early as possible.

Our working principle is to learn through making. Working with us, you could be creating a major TV-show driven site one week, rapidly shipping one of our own startup ideas the next, and working on a quick hack the following week. The software game moves fast and a great developer never stops learning. We prefer all work to be collaborative and use pull requests liberally.

Why we are different

As well as being an agency we have a proven track record of launching ventures both for ourselves and clients. We believe this sets us apart and it allows us to foster entrepreneurial talent in house. This also puts us in a unique position - working at Mint allows you to contribute to exciting IP and subsequently share in its success.

What we're looking for

We’re after a mid-senior level developer with experience developing the back end of web applications to join our development team. You’ll help us help clients in building their vision, and help Mint build our upcoming ventures. Ideally you’ll have:

  • - 1-3+ years experience
  • - Experience with a web framework (e.g. Rails, Django etc)
  • - Appetite for learning
  • - Comfort giving and receiving advice
  • - Excitement about new tech, but also practical about getting things done

How to apply

If this sounds interesting to you, drop us a line, introduce yourself and explain why. To get the conversation started, tell us what’s been the most recent piece of technology you have learned or played with? What excites you most about the next 12 months in tech?

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