Mint exists to create positive change through progressive products

We work with big brands, nonprofits and ambitious startups. As a team, we have a shared desire to create products that change something for the better.

That could be: encouraging Tesco shoppers to eat healthier and save money; helping young people to feel normal about sex; even making Friday beers better.

In the beginning

We started out in 2004, quickly becoming established as the go-to software company for the broadcast industry through BloomBox, a Ruby on Rails platform that allowed for the design, development and deployment of highly scalable, high traffic, mass-participation social websites.


Over the years, our partnerships have helped shape us. We’ve partnered with Benetton, Goldman Sachs, Penguin, Channel 4, BBC, Tesco, NHS England, vInspired, the Cabinet Office, and a host of other organisations and startups. We appreciate every single collaboration, thanks for being part of our 10 year story.

A pivotal moment

Since 2010, we have created our own products and services and taken them direct to market. Most notably, we invented, built and grew StickyGram to one of the world’s most innovative consumer print businesses. In the summer of 2013, we sold StickyGram (since renamed Sticky9) to Photobox.

Venturing at Mint

After selling StickyGram, we developed a more formalised ventures arm at Mint, incubating and spinning out our own businesses, and partnering with startups that share our approach to innovation. Our commitment to venturing has enhanced and complemented our client projects, enabling us to apply learnings and best practices to developing new products with a focus on success metrics and real world insights.

We are 10 years old

That’s a long time in internet years.
To celebrate we told the story of Mint.

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